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Dill Pickle Kraut - Another Mother Fermentorium

Dill Pickle Kraut

Another Mother Fermentorium
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Classic Kraut flavor with some pickle excitement! DELICIOUS and unique flavor! Just Cabbage, Salt, Garlic, Fresh Dill & cucumbers.  

Live naturally fermented old fashioned Kraut! Crunchy and sour our kraut is a full of probiotics that promote good gut health which is important to sustainng a strong immune system. Try it on a hot dog or just snack on it right out of the bag. 

This Kraut is shipped to you in an indestructible plastic jug. With all naturally fermented foods, as the temperature gets warmer during shipping the kraut may bubble and fizz. DON'T FEAR THE FIZZZZ, you just have a healthy ferment happening in that jug! Pop it into the fridge upon receiving and enjoy!  


Ingredients: Cabbage, Cucumbers, Dill, Garlic, Salt


Live natural probiotic. Vegan. Raw. Gluten free. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Keith Snarey
Dill Pickle Sour kraut

perfect blend of dill pickle flavor. Really liked this product.

kathleen brown
I’m addicted

That’s all that needs to be said

Fermented but not spicy which, for me, is perfect.

Delicious. My only comment would be a request to have the sauerkraut in smaller pieces. Fewer pickles than pictured.

Dill Pickle Kraut

So tangy and delicious, you won’t find anything like this at the supermarket. Great as a side or on its own. Yum!!!

Jordan Cates Barrett
Dill Pickle Kraut

Delicious. The taste of the kraut is not overwhelmed by the dill pickles. Instead, the taste of each remains distinct, and complements the other quite nicely.