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Crabby Spice Pickles - Another Mother Fermentorium

Crabby Spice Pickles

Another Mother Fermentorium
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Summer is here and you can taste the Summer in these delicious Crabby Spice fermented pickle chips! These naturally fermented pickles make for the absolute perfect topping for your Burger or any other grilled grub!


Fresh, salty, briny, crisp and delicious!  

Vegan. Live natural probiotic. Soy free. Gluten free. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Matt V
Love Em

Awesome flavor.

kathleen brown
Great quality, not my thing

The quality was top notch. (As always). The old bay in top of the ferment brine made it too salty for me to eat:(. I’ll be ordering again but will skip this one

Chris in Plano
These grow on you

At first..i was not "sure" about these..hmm...interesting..never had a "bay seasoning type" of pickle (just my opinion of the flavor)..it had to sit with me a minute..After a bit i found myself going back..again..i think as one other person mentioned these are gonna be a hit on a sammich! but ..give them a shot! tasty

Michelle Rosen Silverman

Crabby Spice Pickle Chips

Dale Harris
Crunchy Deliciousness!!

I never met a pickle I didn’t like but these top them all!! I love the crunch and spice, it completed my sandwich! Only one thing could have made them better, on top of a Que brisket sandwich! They’re just awesome! Thank you!