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Pickle Brine

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Live probiotic all natural pickle brine!

There are so many health benefits to drinking pickle juice. Use it to rehydrate yourself and restore your electrolytes after a long night of drinking or after a work out. This pickle brine is packed with live probiotics to promote good gut health which supports a strong immune system. 


On the other end of the spectrum, pickle juice is a GREAT cocktail mixer! Use in your Bloody Mary for a pop of flavor and of course the classic Pickle Back shot (Shot of Whiskey followed by a shot of Pickle Brine). Could there possibly be a better martini than a dirty pickle martini? No we don’t think so either. 


Pickle brine is also GREAT to cook with! Put a little pickle brine in your salad dressings or brine your fried chicken with this stuff! This will be your new secret weapon in the kitchen. 

Customer Reviews

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I am in love with this!!! So delicious.

We’re in LOVE with this delicious elixir, and it takes away the muscle pain in minutes.

No more lingering, heavy vinegar taste for us. Next order we are going to try the 1/2 sour pickles. Thanks for creating this probiotic that is enhancing our healthy diet protocol. We appreciate your great customer service also. Vickster😍

Great chicken wing brine.

I brined 10 pounds of chicken wings with the brine and then smoked them. They were amazing and everyone loved them. Looking forward to ordering more and doing wings again soon.


Not only do they taste amazing but they are good for your gut. I am dealing with SIBO right now and this is definitely helping. I will be ordering more. This time I will get sauerkraut.

Brining for good health

I have been using pickle brine to assist in my hydration ; I play some golf six days a week. So I have been reading about the benefits of pickle brine. Then I found Another Mother fermented brine. It's alive with good stuff. Good for hydration but good for "the gut" with a lot of active probiotics. It tastes great and I'm killing two birds with one stone. A winner.