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Red White & Que Beef Jerky - Another Mother Fermentorium
Red White & Que Beef Jerky - Another Mother Fermentorium

Red White & Que Beef Jerky

Red White & Que Smokehouse
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Our Beef Jerky is back and better than ever! We’ve reformulated and tweaked a few things including the size to make this our best jerky yet.

Each bag is a 5oz. serving of Certified Angus Beef Jerky available in 4 different Red White & Que BBQ sauce flavors: 

Sweet Sweet Que- Sweet BBQ flavor

Devil Dog’s Spit- Sweet & spicy habanero BBQ flavor

Fire In The Hole- Sweet & VERY SPICY habanero, scorpion, ghost and reaper super hot pepper dust.

 G.I. Jerky- Traditional & classic Jerky flavor. *Contains soy

All Natural. No preservatives. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nervous and Jerky!

I was pleased with the product and gave my neighbor a bag as a little thank you gift. He said he LOVED jerky - beef, deer, alligator, chicken. When I told him it was from a small - home-made company, he got the jitters. I have yet to check on his satisfaction, but let's just say he's one to be skeptical about nearly everything.

Not as hot as I expected but it was very, very good!

Pickles and Jerky

The jerky was addicting so I ate a bag in one sitting. For both the pickles and jerky I'll need to kick it up to something with a kick or bigger flavors.

Best I ever had! Home made not store type

I thought that it might be a little bit expensive to buy this jerky it’s in a small package but it turns out that it’s well worth every nickel. This is real meat with really great flavor. I am shocked at how good it was. I will be buying the stuff whenever I go in there for my other pickles and my sauerkraut which by the way I suggest you go in and buy because it’s fantastic. These people are something nicest people you are ever going to meet. Their store is a fun store they’re such sweet people. And I saw somebody on here saying oh the girl was a little bit too “chatty”.Do you wanna know what? I will take a chatty person over somebody who is nasty any day of the week. She is a joy to deal with. She’s upbeat  she’s happy. She explains everything he exactly what they’re doing. They’re trying new stuff all the time I’ve ordered pickled asparagus pickles olives. They are incredible. This is a home brewed place. When I first saw this I live down the block from me by the way. When I first saw this I didn’t know what the hell it was. But when I went in there this is one of the greatest specialty places I’ve ever been to in my life. I suggest you go in there. They’ll let you sample of the stuff before you buy it. A true small business that you should give us much help to as you possibly can. Everything is worth every penny. We bought the sauerkraut and I was eating it with a fork out of the jar. And by the way they pack every single thing that they sell is PACKED with so much stuff that you wouldn’t believe it when you get it home. I love this place I love the people and trust me you will too. And by the way the jerky is just a really fantastic. You will never see jerky like this in the store. I guarantee it. And how do I know? Because I used to buy it in the store. You get as much out of this small bag and you would out of a bag from the store. The only difference I s they make the stuff in town with their own recipes for spices.


Tried 2 flavors of jerky. Both tasted great. However jerky was very tough. Jaw got tired chewing it. Overall I was satisfied.


Fast shipping & everything tastes amazing