Our shop on Elm st. is not currently open to customers and is only used for processing and packing orders. Good news: You can now buy all of our products in person from Wednsday- Sunday (11-7pm) at Red White & Que Smokehouse 266 Davis Ave. Kearny, NJ. Thanks for your patience and support!- Katie & Dan

About Us

Dan & Katie Misuraca (founders of Red White & Que Smokehouse in Kearny, NJ) bring you Another Mother Fermentorium! Another Mother is a small batch craft fermentation company born of culinary curiosity and a love for all things hobby. Dan (A US Marine Corps Veteran) and his wife Katie have been obsessed with creating old fashioned recipes and bringing new life to the oldest culinary traditions since the day they met one another and now they are bringing it to your home, wherever that may be!


Another Mother is our hobby gone wild. For years we have spent our free time cultivating and creating funky foods from the oldest traditions and now we want to share our love of fermentation with you all. From learning the history and science of fermenting to the joy of just watching nature do all of the work and then to finally enjoying a food that takes weeks or months or even years to create! There is so much to love fermented foods for.


Here at Another Mother Fermentorium we are happy to be a small batch craft fermentation company. We bottle all of our own products right here in Kearny, NJ in small batches which allows us to use the best seasonal ingredients from local sources as well as create new and unique flavor combinations of products often. Our foods are thoughtfully simple. We us as little ingredients as possible in order to highlight the complexity of flavor that the fermentation process brings to our foods. We are also proud bee keepers and whenever local honey is listed in a product know that that honey is harvested right from our backyard in Little Ferry, NJ by us. When you make a purchase from Another Mother Fermentorium you are supporting a Mom & Pop Veteran owned small business and you should feel good about that!

-Dan & Katie

Contact Info:
646 Elm st.
Kearny, NJ 07032