Our shop on Elm st. is not currently open to customers and is only used for processing and packing orders. Good news: You can now buy all of our products in person from Wednsday- Sunday (11-7pm) at Red White & Que Smokehouse 266 Davis Ave. Kearny, NJ. Thanks for your patience and support!- Katie & Dan



Why can't I have pickles shipped to me anymore?
This is a temporary change we made just for the holiday season. We know you love our pickles and hope to have our pickle shipping operation back up and running soon! In the meantime, if you live anywhere near kearny, NJ please stop in and see us in person! You can still get all of your favorite pickles over at our BBQ Restaurant on the other side of town at 266 Davis Ave, Kearny NJ. We will also have pickles available in glass jars packed and ready to go that will make a beautiful gift!
My order arrived without any ice packs. Don't they need to be refrigerated? 

Have no fear, fermented food preservation is here! The oldest way to preserve food is fermentation so your pickles are perfectly safe during transit without any refrigeration. (thanks mother nature!) We do recommend placing your pickled goods in the refrigerator upon arrival as this will slow the fermentation process down and keep your pickles at their best for several weeks. There is no danger of spoilage or harm to the products within standard transit times.


My jar is not sealed, are these vinegar pickled or fermented?

Here at the Fermentorium we sell two different types of pickles. Most of our products are fermented and are still live active ferments. These products are all packed by hand and do not go through any canning or heat/pressure sealing process so there will not be that oh so satisfying pop when you open your jar. These fermented products include Half Sour Dill Pickles, Carolina Reaper Spicy Dill Pickles, Hot Pickles, Fermented Giardinera, Fermented Red Peppers, Fermented Jalapeños, Fermented Cauliflower, Krauts and others. These are all packed with good probiotic and are not just good but good for you!  

We do however sell some products that are vinegar pickled through a more common heat packing process. These products include, Pickled Pearls, Pickled Scapes, Pickled Sprouts, Pickled Shrooms and others. We try to refer to these products as "pickled" on our online shop as apposed to "fermented". These vinegar pickles have fermented brine in them, which is what makes them so unique and flavorful however they are pasteurized and are NOT live active ferments. *although our Bread and Butter pickles are vinegar pickles (as apposed to fermented) we do still hand pack these so they do not go through a heat sealing process. All other pickled cucumbers are live active ferments. If you're not sure whether a pickle is fermented or not feel free to email us and ask. We're pickle pros!


My jar is leaking. Is this normal?

Although we try our very best to package each jar to ensure your package arrives safely without any leaking, leaking jars can happen during the shipping of live active ferments in the mail. As a result of moderate temperature fluctuations during its journey to you, your ferment will continue to produce C02 inside of the jar which will build up pressure and can push brine out through the lid. (This is especially common for juicy kraut). Simply rinse the jar off, open the lid to release the pressure and place it in your fridge. The cool temperature will calm the ferment down so there will be no more leaking. Your products are perfectly safe to eat even if the brine has made its way out of the jar. If you lose a lot of brine just shoot us an email and check your postcard that arrived with your package for instructions for making your own salt water brine to make sure your pickles are covered in brine while they are in the jar. 


This brine is cloudy. Are my pickles safe?

 You bet! Cloudy brine is ideal in naturally fermented pickles. You'll notice that the more "sour" your pickles get/are the more cloudy the brine is. Just give your jar a good shake if that "cloudyness" has settled to the bottom of the jar and enjoy!


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We are a small operation and get orders processed as fast as possible. Each jar of fermented pickles is packed by hand upon receipt of your order. Typically expect your order to be processed within 2 days before it embarks on its journey. We default to using the USPS for orders unless otherwise specified. If you pay for expedited shipping and need your order processed same day we will do our best to process your order same day or next day but we ask that you send us an email to request this special service. 


Your hot sauces are fermented but are they alive?

Although our hot sauces are fermented, they are pasteurized during bottling mostly to ensure that they can be enjoyed at room temperature without the fear of a spicy volcanic explosion from the bottle! Our fermented hot sauces make for a unique flavor experience and allows us to use a very small amount of ingredients because the fermentation of the hot peppers creates so much flavor on its own. If you're looking for fermented products to promote good gut health and build a strong immune system we recommend any of our fermented pickles, krauts and especially our bottles of brine!