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Carolina Reaper Spicy Dill Pickles - Another Mother Fermentorium
Carolina Reaper Spicy Dill Pickles - Another Mother Fermentorium

Carolina Reaper Spicy Dill Pickles

Another Mother Fermentorium
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We’ve recently leveled UP the heat on these by adding at least 1 whole Reaper pod to EACH container. 🔥🔥🔥

These are not your ordinary spicy dill pickle. These are CAROLINA REAPER Spicy Dill Pickles! Fermented with the worlds hottest pepper and other spices make these pickles -really special for you heat seekers out there.

These pickles are part of “Dan’s Reserve” which are very small batches of very spicy sauces and other fiery ferments. Not for the faint of heart.

Lacto fermented pickles are an old world treat and frankly pretty hard to find in stores. These Pickles are made without any vinegar but still have an irresistible tang and that fresh crunch required of a good pickle that comes from fermentation. 

Comes packaged in a glass jar (except if you order by the gallon. Then they come in plastic buckets). Some natural fizzing may occur during shipping. Don’t fear the fizzzz! Just store pickles in your fridge as soon as they arrive and keep refrigerated after opening.

Ingredients: Cucumber, Salt, Pickling spices, Garlic and fermented Carolina Reaper Peppers.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Henderson
Good and spicy

I've been looking for some hot pickles for a while and these definitely fit the bill. Hot and tasty.

Joseph Przygoda
Reaper pickles

Not even close to Carolina reaper hot, I wouldn't even classify them as hot as a jalapeño...

Paul Lambert

Way hotter than the regular hot pickles, but also with great flavor. I can only eat small slices at a time. The perfect prank pickle as you’d never know how hot they really are until you eat one.

Scott Michalke
Bring The Heat!

The heat and flavor I was looking for! Fresh and delicious! Couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you for delivering top quality goods!

Craig Cook
Awesome flavor

Hot but spicy. Not for the timid but if you love spicy and hot food you'll be in for a treat.