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Fermented Jalapeños & Carrots

Another Mother Fermentorium
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If you’re having taco night without the addition of pickled jalapeños & carrots, you’re doing it wrong and you gotta get into it! If you’re already a pickled jalapeño person get ready to level your game up with these fermented Jalapeños & Carrots! The fermentation of these peppers creates a super tasty and zippy pepper without being too spicy to just bite right into. As with all of our fermented pickled veggies there is no vinegar here just all natural fermented tang. Don’t be afraid to use the brine as a nice addition to your salad dressing, drizzle it into your salsa or mix it into your margarita! Delicious. 


Live natural probiotic. Raw. Gluten free. Soy free. No preservatives.  

Ingredients: Jalapeños, Carrots, Salt & Water.