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Half Sour Dill Pickles - Another Mother Fermentorium

Half Sour Dill Pickles

Another Mother Fermentorium
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Half sour, fully delicious! These pickles are fermented whole with just salt, garlic, dill whole peppercorns, mustard seeds & bay leaves. Classic, crunchy, full of good natural probiotics. Tangy AF without any vinegar. 

Lacto fermented pickles are an old world treat and frankly pretty hard to find in stores. These Pickles are made without any vinegar but still have an irresistible tang and that fresh crunch required of a good pickle that comes from fermentation. 

Comes packaged in glass jars (except if you order by the gallon. Those come in plastic buckets!). Some natural fizzing may occure during shipping. Don’t fear the fizzzz! Just store pickles in your fridge as soon as they arrive and keep refrigerated after opening. 

Customer Reviews

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Sean Taylor
The Art of the Pickel

This one is no "Pickel Poser" folks. It is absolutely the finest cucumber pickel I have had the devine pleasure of disrupting my taste buds ever, ever, and will forever. Just ordered a Gallon. The customer service is also ridiculously wonderful.

Deidre Pruitt

Really liked half sour ,but would have really liked whole sour. Used to make these myself from my garden, but just as good and lot less hassle.

tom States

good pickles

Paul Bridson
It’s science folks

So I ordered them. I loved them. But then I got to wondering “Are they really better than the half sours I get at the local store?”

Bubbies vs Another mother blindfolded:
Result-Bubbies are fine but AM’s are WOWIE!!! *scrambles to order more*

And Scene

Herb Gimbel
Love Them

Great taste!